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Sideline Team 2024-25

APRIL 30TH, May 1st, May 2nd

Tryouts will be on May 2nd in the Auxiliary Gym at West Linn High School 

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm 

2024-25 Tryout Packet

Documents to read, sign and return on April 30th

  Conflict Form

  Signatures of Participation

  1st Semester Transcript (Please get a copy from your registrar )

 One Teacher Recommendation form for each class.

Click here to print more 2024-25 Teacher Recommendation Forms

Teacher Evaluation Form (one form needed for each class)


Sideline Team/Performances

Game and performance based skills required. Sideline Team will cheer at football and basketball games, with a focus on sideline cheer/dance styles/showmanship 


Sideline Team/Styles and Dance technique 

Sideline team will focus on technical skills such as: kicks, leaps, showmanship, single/double turns, LCR Splits


No Pre Tryout Clinics at this time

Clinics were held on April 8th and 22nd for current 9th - 11th grade WLHS Students

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